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The Tour Caddy – 15 Things your caddy should be

15 things you need to know on how to be a great caddie

Check it out 15 things a Tour caddy should do!

The Best Tour Caddies are;

  • Well Prepared
  • They will know where the trouble is on the course
  • They will help you commit to the best lines
  • Will evaluate “Risk vs Reward” Scenarios
  • Take into account “Course Conditions”
  • Know where the Wind is coming from at any given Time
  • Give Clear Advice 
  • Empower Their Players, bringing out your Best Mindset
  • Often give you a club you can commit to!
  • Greens mapped out
  • Practice Rounds Winds & Golden Number Distances
  • Know the Pin positions for each Round
  • Have The Straight Zero Putt Line
  • Understand their Player
  1. Watch the following video clip, list 5 key areas where the caddy helps out his player


Tour Caddy Experience

“What makes Golf so much trickier than many other sports?

The Wind can play havoc, even to the best laid plans.”

Take a look at the following image below, notice the little Compass on the left of the fairway?  That is showing North, East, South & West on that hole

  • Generally there is a Prevailing Wind for the morning or Afternoon
  • This can be affected by Gusts which for a few seconds can change that direction
  • Tour Caddies will often also refer to the Clock Face when saying which direction the wind is coming out of  ie Straight Downwind 6 O’ clock 

Now decide how you prefer to manage the Wind ? Log down a simple 5 step process you can rely on time and again


  1. As amateur players we often do not have our own Tour Caddy so we have to be our own Caddy in Tournaments . Map out the following 3 different hole scenarios  The Link to enlarge is here Enlarge Hole Lay out 


  1. Green complexes are becoming more difficult year on year as a defence for the Golf Course and reading the greens is a key part to becoming a great player

Watch the following Video Green Mapping 18th at St Andrews


Now look at the  Greens below;

 Based on a central pin location work out Relative Breaks on a 15foot birdie from under the hole, Above the Hole, Left of Hole Pin High, Right of Hole Pin High (North, East, South & West), based on Tour Speed greens  Around 12 on Stimpmeter 


9th Green The Belfry

10th Green The Belfry

18th Green The Belfry  Images Courtesy of ProGreen Books


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