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Golf Biomechanics Screening -Find Your Personal Power Move


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Add up to 20 More Yards to Your Game!


Teaming with biomechanist Scott Lynn, Ph.D., an associate professor at California State University, Fullerton and research director at force plate pioneer Swing Catalyst, we’ve spent the last three years measuring the way golfers—touring pros and players just like you—use the ground to create power on the downswing. With the help of Swing Catalyst’s 3-D Motion Plate, a sensor that can measure force in three directions, we’ve gathered data from thousands of swings that proves what instructors have always sensed: Golfers create speed in varying ways. The core foundation of our research is that every player uses some combination of horizontal, rotational and vertical force (in that order from the top of the backswing) to deliver the club into impact. Depending on your body type and athletic ability, however, you’re likely to prefer one force over the others, and building a swing around your natural “power source” can dramatically increase your swing speed (up to 25 mph in some cases).



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